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Traxxas Land Rover Defender Crawler

Traxxas Land Rover Defender Crawler

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"Take the Path Less Traveled
The Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler is an all-new Traxxas design that is loaded with innovation that instantly obsoletes the status quo with exciting new features, versatility, and capability. In other words, we built it the Traxxas way, rugged, powerful, and ready for fun!
Underneath the authentic scale look is a machine built for extreme off-road capability that takes you to new places and new adventures. Exclusive portal axles deliver maximum ground clearance that dramatically turns “no way” into “no problem.” Whether you are enjoying outdoor trails or getting technical on the rocks, the remote-locking front and rear differentials and high/low range transmission provide unmatched driving versatility."

€ 549.95
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Traxxas Land Rover Defender Crawler